Romans 5 Study Sheet

1. The gospel that Paul was eager to preach (1:16) and that he summarized in 3:22-25 is considered a proven fact in chapter 5. Because “we have been ______________ by _______________, we have ____________ with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (5:1). Through Jesus we have also obtained access by ________________ into this ______________ in which we stand. This causes us to rejoice (NAS= exult) in _______________ (5:2).


2. Hope is a product of (a) _____________________, (b) ____________________, and (c) ______________________ (5:3-4). We can have hope “because God’s love has been ________________ into our hearts through the ____________ ______________ who has been given to us” (5:5). Remember that the Holy Spirit is so important to us that Christ declared it was to our advantage that he leave the earth so that the Spirit could come and guide us into all the truth (see John 16:7-15).


3. Because of the power of sin over us, “while we were _________________, Christ died for the ungodly” (5:6). This happened at the “right time” (to understand “the right time,” see Mark 1:15, Galatians 4:4, I Timothy 2:6, Titus 1:2-3, and Hebrews 9:26). Make a list of those you would be willing to die for. What are the characteristics of these people? Notice the difference between God and man: “While we were still _______________ (a thing God hates, see Isaiah 59:1-2) Christ died for us” (5:8). At this point, Paul adds the third leg to the “Justification Stool.” In 3:24 he says we are (1) “justified by _______ _______________,” in 5:1 we are (2) “justified by _________________,” and in 5:9 we are (3) “justified by __________ _______________.” It is important to understand that the one being justified by his grace through faith must come into contact with the blood of Christ. We will see how that happens when we study chapter 6.


4. Sin made us an enemy of God (5:10). However, “we were reconciled to God by the _____________ of His Son” (the price for our reconciliation was paid) and “saved [from death] by his life” (See 1:4 regarding life). The knowledge of this causes us to rejoice (5:11).


5. In the last half of Romans 5, the comparison is made that what was lost in Adam is gained back in Christ (cf. 5:12 and 5:18). And it was not an equal trade because in Christ “much more” was gained. Whereas one sin by Adam led to condemnation (death) for the whole human race, one act of righteousness by Christ leads to life (which Adam had lost for us) and justification (this is the “much more”) (5:18).

A. In 5:12, we find that sin came into the world through one man – Adam. The consequence for this sin was death – physical (see Genesis 2:16-17 and 3:17-19, 22-24). The consequence of Adam’s sin affected everyone – “to all men.” This happened at a given point in the past. At the very time Adam sinned, humanity became universally doomed to death because of Adam’s sin. This happened in much the same way as when Levi, who was not yet born, paid tithes to Melchizedek (Hebrews 7:9-10). The proof is in the fact that death reigned even before the Law (5:13-14). Just as Moses lifting up the serpent was a type of Christ being lifted up on a cross (see John 3:14 and Numbers 21:8-9) so was Adam a type (that is, Adam affected all humanity just as Christ affected all humanity) of Christ (5:14). Adam is the head of the physical race called humanity, as Christ is the head of the spiritual race called disciples.

B. While there was loss in Adam’s sin and gain in Christ’s death, it was not an equal trade because “much more” (5:15 and 5:17) was gained by Christ! Because of Christ the physical death that was assigned to humanity at the time of Adam’s sin was erased. This would have amounted to equal gain compared to the loss. However, there will be “those who receive the ___________________ of _____________ and the free ____________ of ______________________” (5:17). It is these who will reign in life through Jesus Christ.

C. As “sin reigned in ______________,” grace also “reigns through ______________________ leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (5:21).

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